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A: The script does not run as it requires the server to be configured to allow remote system login. If you want to automate a task, you could also use a GUI. For example, you can launch it from the CLI: java -jar mvpcinfo.jar Or you can launch it in an interactive window: java -jar mvpcinfo.jar A: I have found MvPCinfo to be quite useful for scripting my virtualization. This is one of those programs you can't live without. The scripts are easy to create, and run a lot faster than a script written from scratch. Q: Pandas -- test values in a column against an array of integers I am using pandas 0.17.1 with python 3.6. I am trying to compare column values in a dataframe against a list of integers I tried the following but it didn't work. a = [1,3,4] col_a = ['A','B','C'] df = pd.DataFrame(columns=['col_A','col_B','col_C']) for i in a: df[df['col_A'] == i] A: You could use map: In [74]: a = [1,3,4] df = pd.DataFrame(columns=['col_A','col_B','col_C']) df['col_A'] = df.col_A.map(a) print(df) col_A col_B col_C 0 1 3 4 1 3 3 4 2 4 3 4 A: IIUC, you could use df.loc[df.col_A.isin(a),:] Out[140]: col_A col_B col_C ac619d1d87

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